Privacy statement for

This privacy statement addresses specifically the website which hosts a short survey on the idea of an Alliance for a Responsible Business Zone, as well as a sign-on form providing the (entirely optional!) opportunity to sign up for a monthly email newsletter which I (Norbert, the initiator of this idea) intend to start publishing about my activities in relation to this plan once I start to go forward with it. You may also be interested in the general privacy policy of Norbert Bollow Coaching and Framework Solutions.

Survey responses in this survey are by default treated as personal business-related reflections which are entitled to full protection of confidentiality and privacy just like any other personal and/or business-related reflections that may be entrusted to a professional coach. The exception to this principle is that if you have responded with textual comments, you can, if you wish to do so, indicate at the end of the survey that it's ok to quote from your responses.

This survey website is hosted on a webserver which I (Norbert) am maintaining myself. In particular, no other technical personnel or other third parties are granted access to the server. Your survey responses are further protected from unauthorized access as follows: Connecting the different parts of the survey with each other, in order to ensure that the server does not get confused about which survey answers belong together, is achieved by a hidden “id” field in the form, together with a cryptographic hash which serves to ensure that no-one can forge the “id” field value in order to thereby access someone else's survey responses. Access to this system is restricted to encrypted https connections only. Survey data is never automatically included in unencrypted emails. Instead, there is a page at the end of the survey which inter alia contains all your responses, so that you can conveniently copy your responses and comments from that page if you wish to do so.

Besides the aspect of confidentiality as discussed above, there is also the aspect of privacy in the sense of the protection of personal data which is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”.

When a newsletter subscription request is received, an email message is sent automatically asking the new subscriber to confirm their subscription request. This automatically-generated email message will contain the IP address from which the subscription request seems to come. That IP address is however not stored on the server in any way.

A key principle of data protection consists in avoiding the generation or collection of personal data except when necessary for important, well-justified purposes. In particular, this survey is hosted on a webserver which is set up so that its logfiles do not contain the users' IP addresses, because through such logging of IP addresses, all of the logfile data and all survey responses would be turned into personal data regardless of the users' wishes. (This uses the “anonip” logfile anonymization tool.)

Similarly, the use of “tracking pixels”, cookies, and similar tracking technologies is avoided.

The server is programmed so that when a survey respondent expresses interest in maybe getting involved in building such an alliance, contact information is requested for the purpose of establishing contact and speaking about this. If the respondent then enters contact information, this contact information is associated with the survey responses, so I can refer to the survey responses when I prepare for the resulting mutually desired conversation. Therefore, filling in contact information at the end of the survey causes the entire set of survey responses to become personal information.

Such provision of contact information will only be treated as an invitation to contact you for making an appointment for a voice conversation via telephone or other means, as explained on the page where the contact information is requested. I will not treat the provision of contact information as an invitation to contact you for any other purposes. In particular, this will not result any kind of unsolicited mailing list subscription or the like.

While I intend to start publishing a monthly email newsletter in relation to the Alliance for a Responsible Business Zone once I start to go forward with it, you will be subscribed to that newsletter only if you explicitly request to be added to the list of subscribers. Entering an email address for the purpose of subscribing to this email newsletter will not cause the email address to be associated with the survey responses.

You can ask me at any time to immediately delete all your survey related data, provided that there is a way in which you can identify to me which is your survey data. Such identification of your survey data could e.g. be done on the basis of contact information which you have provided in the context of agreeing to “establish contact”.

The legal basis of all processing of personal data on consists in the fact that when someone fills in an online survey, by that very act, implicitly permission is given to correspondingly process this information as detailed above.

You have all the rights foreseen in the Swiss data protection law (Datenschutzgesetz, DSG) and in the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including in particular the right of access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, the right to object to processing of your personal data, the right to data portability, and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In practical terms, any objection to processing of your related data will be addressed by means of erasure of your data to the extent that it can be identified as being yours. In the case of requests based on the right to data portability, emails will be provided in mbox format, all other information in csv format. All requests on the basis of these rights will be acknowledged and executed promptly.

Name and address of the “controller”

An important notion in the context of the Swiss data protection law (Datenschutzgesetz, DSG), the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other data protection laws is the notion of the “controller” of the data. In this case this is:

Norbert Bollow Coaching and Framework Solutions
Weidlistrasse 18
CH-8624 Grüt

Phone: +41 44 972 20 59

EU representative

As foreseen in Article 27 of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is, in addition to the above-mentioned “controller” of the data, an EU representative who can be contacted in addition to or instead of the above-mentioned “controller”, on all issues related to processing of personal data by this company.

This EU representative is:

Dr. Anna Bollow-Mannzen
Max-Planck-Strasse 5
D-64807 Dieburg